March 25, 2009

welcome back!

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I re-welcome myself to wordpress…

I’ve re-read my first post about twitter. I needed time, and still need. However, twitter is the app. I’m using most. I’ve found really interesting people to follow there. Although I don’t have time to follow all the links they offer daily, I can grasp an idea of what’s going on.

As regards podcasts, I’ve undestood the concept better, but haven’t tried podcasting yet. I guess I should start by podcast scripts first. Undoubtely a new text-type, which will soon appear in EFL text-books.


May 10, 2008

Back from reflection

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Back from reflection, into action, real life, real connections, real classrooms. This is like a Twitter entry! Anyway…let´s go on and see if I can find how to put RSS in my blogs.

February 8, 2008

Technical problems enhance reflection?

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Social media is about connecting, commenting, blogging. Technical problems, like no telephone line at  home have isolated me. I feel like an island, but have decided to take this time for reflecting. I just hope that when the workshop is over, all the links and reading will be here for me to follow. Overcoming frustration, I keep on reflecting on how to use this tools in my lessons. I fear the technical problems that will surely frustrate my students, so this realistic time in Argentina is helping me after all. I´ve read many posts about the teacher as a learner, connected with a community of teacher-learners, who then enthusiastically comes into the classroom to share “the connected world “with his/her students. Experiencing this temporary disconnection is preparing me to come back to my Argentinian classrooms where the “connected world” is still a science fiction movie.

January 21, 2008

Learning about RSS

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Really simple syndication. I have just started my duties for the second week at SMielt. I found out that my feed url is the same as my weblog url + the word feed. Then I typed it at the News aggregator and saw part of my first post there.

Today I also learned a bit more about dotSub, which looks really juicy!

I liked this video about RSS. Watch it!

January 18, 2008


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I am attending the workshop at EVO TESOL2008. I´m opening all the accounts to get acquainted with applications to explore social media tools. It´s a tedious process but I realise that it´s the way to get familiarized to applications. I opened my Flick and Googlereader last year. I´ve read about how useful is. and now that I´ve opened my own account I can see it´s great cooperative bookmarking. I think it´s going to be very useful for teacher training workshops.

I´ve also read about “the wonders of Twitter”, but can´t still think of uses for it. Just socializing could be a good reason to use it. Anyway, it´s easy to update, but I have not yet set it to my IM.

Definitely I can grasp Communitywalk usefulness, but find it a bit complicated for my skills at the moment.

Thanks to the forums in SMielts I´m learning useful tips to manage this blog in WordPress. Definitely blogger is easier to use but WP is more complete. I have still to open my account at dotSub, which I guess will be useful to manipulate videos and film for EFL. Let´s see.